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Posted on September 26th, 2017

Very exciting news everyone!!! Herbert, our Malaysian Dead Leaf Praying Mantis has officially reached adulthood! 


After shedding the last of his baby skin, Herbert now has wings! For those of you who haven’t met Herbert yet, he is 7 months old and a voracious hunter. We first added Herbert to the Butterfly House Family in April, when he was roughly the size of my pinky fingernail. He was so tiny that we bred and raised fruit flies for him to feed on, and even those were hard for him to grasp because they were too big! 

But as time passed and Herbert thrived, he started molting and growing bigger and bigger. He eventually graduated from fruit flies, to giant fruit flies, to meal worms, and now he eats 2 to 3 crickets a day! We are so proud of him and we love watching him hunt. Here are some fun videos and pictures showing is amazing growth! 

Herbert hunting a fruit fly

Herbert eating a cricket

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