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Artwork by John Jurek

Nature Art, Butterflies and More

In 2007 John and Erika Jurek of Florida began gracing our gift shop with their beautiful artwork.  Butterflies mounted on clear posts in air tight acrylic cases make the butterflies look like they are actually flying through the room!   The cases have a clear mounting on the back for hanging on the wall, or just set them on a bookshelf or mantle to make a statement.

Our customers love them, and quite often buy a piece of this gorgeous artwork every year when they return to beautiful Mackinac Island for their annual vacation.

Don’t miss out on being the proud owner of one (or more) of John and Erika’s original pieces.   Need a gift for a friend or relative?  This would make a definite impression on anyone.  Just go to the ‘contact us’ option on the home page, and we’ll reply immediately having the art shipped directly to your home.  Let us know which numbered piece you’d like to purchase, give us a phone number to contact you for payment information and you’ll receive your lovely art in 2 to 3 weeks.


Prices ranging from $29.95 to $995.00

***** The butterflies used in John’s art are not killed for him, or by him.  They are sent to him from butterfly farmers whose butterflies have died naturally for various reasons.  Butterflies have an average life span of two weeks after emergence from the pupa, and some die sooner, it’s just part of nature’s way.

Select your own piece!

Interested in having one of John’s beautiful pieces in your house or office? Go ahead and flip through the pictures below, and if one catches your eye, just fill out our Contact Form with the number you’re interested in to purchase it!