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Posted on June 15th, 2017

Lilac Festival and Parade

This week marks the 69th Annual Lilac Festival. There are daily events ranging from A walk with Lilacs, a walking tour revealing the history of Mackinac Island, and a free outdoor playground with blow up slides and obstacle courses. Other events include a taste of Mackinac, involving food samples from the local cuisine, various wine and beer tastings, as well as BBQs and Hayrides. 

On the last day of the festival, June 18th, is the Lilac Day Parade. Every year we build a float, dress up in costumes and dance down the street. This year, the parade is serendipitously coinciding with National Pollinator Week. Therefore our float is going to represent our local pollinators. We will also be handing out FREE Milkweed Seed Packets during the parade to help support Monarch Butterflies.

Make sure to check out our float, there is so much more to come, including a little surprise!  Stay tuned for pictures! 

2015 Lilac Day Parade 2015 Float – The Year of the Bees 

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